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Arrow wyvern
Logo Wyvern.png
By Any Means
Arrow basic info
Arrow full name Wyvern Incorporated
Arrow location Bristol, United Kingdom
Arrow founded 2050
Arrow ships wyvern mkii
Arrow core people
Arrow founder Unknown
Arrow primary pilot [UK]Daniel Westcott
Arrow secondary pilot [UK]Robert Bradley
Arrow relationships
Arrow friends None
Arrow rivals Tenrai

Arrow Role

Wyvern is a Bristol-based vehicle manufacturer responsible for a large portion of Britain’s public transportation and consumer grade vehicles.

Arrow Ship Details

Wyvern’s MKII model is a light and powerful ship, with great top speed and maneuverability. However, the ship’s shields and acceleration are poor.

Arrow AGL Performance

Wyvern enters the 2159 AGL season as a veteran team. Using only self-designed parts and equipment, Wyvern’s emphasis on self-reliance and pragmatic strategy has allowed them to compete among the front-runners of the sport. Their pilots, who are trained to use every possible (rule compliant) way to get ahead, have more than enough skill to overcome the shortcomings of their ship.

Arrow History

Wyvern Incorporated was formed by a merger of several British manufacturing companies in 2050. As the 21st century progressed, the company slowly grew to become Britain’s largest producer of cars and utility vehicles. When G-Tek revealed their first Anti-Gravity device in the early 22nd century, Wyvern’s executives saw the opportunity and created their own Anti-Gravity research branch. They developed their own AG Device independently from G-Tek and created an AG Racing team following the announcement of the AGL in 2141.