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Arrow wyvern
Logo Wyvern.png
By Any Means
Arrow details
Arrow full name Wyvern Incorporated
Arrow location Bristol, United Kingdom
Arrow founded 2050
Arrow years active 2144-Current
Arrow league AGL 2159
Arrow key people
Arrow active pilots [UK]Daniel Westcott
[UK]Robert Bradley
Arrow other people [UK]Miles Law[CEO]
[UK]Matthew Kent
Arrow ships
Arrow 2159 ships wyvern mkii
Arrow other ships wyvern mki

Arrow team description

Wyvern is a UK based AG racing team formed in 2141 by Wyvern Incorporated as a response to G-Tek's creation of the AGL. Their 2159 Mkii model is a mid packer runner with notable handling.

Arrow team overview

Widely known across Europe for its utilitarian design philosophy, providing rough-but-reliable public transport platforms, logistics vehicles and even "outdated" landcars, this Bristol-based vehicle manufacturer has entered the AGL more out of ideological drive than anything else.

Strong of a proprietary AG device developed independently from GTek, Wyvern Incorporated has made a rule of competing using exclusively self-designed parts and equipment, bending the knee to regulation only when strictly necessary - all to prove the non-obvious point that GTek does not, in fact, own the concept of "anti gravity" as a whole.

Still, despite their unquestionable drive, overcoming the series of several technical disadvantages sprouting from their self-imposed rule has proven trickier than expected, resulting in Wyvern's distinct "cornered fox"-type combat doctrine, with pilots instructed to take advantage of every single (ruleset compliant) opportunity they may run into to gain an upper hand on their opponents - a method which, surprisingly enough, has won them more podiums than anyone would have expected.

Arrow team background

Arrow AGL 2159 season

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