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This page covers the design language behind this wiki and how you should format new pages and changes to align with the language. BallisticNG's design language makes use of unconventional casing and image motifs which we want to reflect on the wiki.

Arrow headers

Main headings (i.e.: "level 1 headings")[edit | edit source]

Use the "HeaderNormal" template (which includes the arrow motif image). All main headers should be lowercase.

{{HeaderNormal|HEADER=example heading}}

Sub headings[edit | edit source]

Highlight the heading text & use the Gamepedia WYSIWYG editor heading option to style it (instead of using the "HeaderNormal" template). All sub headers should be sentence case (i.e.: first letter is capital, rest is lowercase).

Arrow images

Specify all images as thumbnails, using the default Gamepedia width & height.

Large images using a fixed size:

  • Can take up a large amount of screen space on smaller screens, making scrolling past the image difficult
  • Wont be scaled down when viewed on smaller screens

Arrow template names

The first letter (in the template name) should be a capital, and everything else lowercase with spaces.

Template:Code snippet begin

Arrow code snippets

Use the "Template:Code snippet begin" and "Template:Code snippet end" templates. Example:

{{Code snippet begin}}
{{Code snippet end|YOUR_GITHUB_GIST_URL}}



Hosted on GitHub

Most maintainers dont have the privileges to inject the Gist JavaScript into pages. These 2 templates are their replacement.

Benefits include:

  • Consistent styling
  • Consistent template code
  • Consistent GitHub Gist links
  • Incorrectly copied Gist links will redirect to Gitlab's 404 page
  • Quicker to apply styling & content changes to all code snippets
  • Using a single website (GitHub) for code snippets allows faster migration to embedded snippets in the future. This way, we dont duplicate the same source code across 2 websites.

"Gist URL" means the "share URL", not the "embed URL" (which injects JavaScript/CSS).