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Arrow getting started[edit | edit source]

unity[edit | edit source]

As BallisticNG runs on Unity, all mod content authoring is done through the Unity editor and you will need to install it before you begin.

BallisticNG runs on Unity 2018.3.8f1 which you must also be running, you can download it here: https://download.unity3d.com/download_unity/fc0fe30d6d91/UnityDownloadAssistant-2018.3.8f1.exe

installation[edit | edit source]

Once you have Unity installed you want to create a new 3D project. Once your project is created and you have opened it you need to import the Unity Tools package.

With Unity open, navigate to Import Package -> Import Package -> Custom Package. In the file dialogue that opens, navigate to your game's install directory, open the Modding folder and open the BallisticUnityTools.unitypackage file and import all of the files.

Once the import is complete you need to restart Unity to allow everything to correctly initialize.

updating[edit | edit source]

New versions of the Unity Tools will be automatically downloaded by Steam when they are available. Once an update comes out all you need to do is re-import the Unity package file.

Before updating to new versions it is highly reccomended that you create a backup of your Unity project folder. If anything goes wrong you will have the backup folder to fallback on.

ballisticNG 1.0.3 - ballisticNG 1.1 upgrade guide[edit | edit source]

Between 1.0.3 and 1.1 BallisticNG updated from Unity 2017.2.3f1 to Unity 2018.3.8f1 and you need to do the same. There has been some changes to Unity which require manual modifications of your project folder before you can safely upgrade. Follow these steps for a smooth upgrade, and remember to always make a backup of your project folder!

  1. Install the new version of Unity but DO NOT open your project with it yet!
  2. Navigate to your project folder and open the Packages folder
  3. Delete the manifest.json file
  4. Open the project with Unity 2018.3.8f1
  5. Re-import the Unity Tools package and restart Unity

The manifest.json file points to external dependencies for your project. In Unity 2017 this was only used for packages that you could manually install but in 2018 this is also used to point to internal Unity libraries. If you don't delete this file so Unity regenerates it, Unity will not include it's own internal libraries and your project will break.