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The following is a list of tracks in the game BallisticNG. There are currently 21 tracks in the game.

Arrow standard tracks

Arrow cassandra

Forward Shot Overview Cassandra.png

Reverse Shot Overview Cassandra Reverse.png

Serving as Barcelona's pivotal tourist attraction across the warm Spanish shoreline, Cassandra is a perfect summer getaway and a breeze for pilots new to the AGL.

Arrow zephyr ridge

Forward Shot Overview ZephyrRidge.png

Reverse Shot Overview ZephyrRidge Reverse.png

Cut from the vibrant cloth of the idyllic Italian business park of Zephyr, this quiet alpine region houses many small outlets for both business and leisure at its base.

Arrow surge

Forward Shot Overview Surge.png

Reverse Shot Overview Surge Reverse.png

Two weather tampering systems have left portions of the Swiss Alps in a constant electrical storm. Surge through the discharged valleys with this newcomer to the AGL, a perfect entry track for beginner pilots.

Arrow harpstone

Forward Shot Overview Harpstone.png

Reverse Shot Overview Harpstone Reverse.png

Glide through the chilling Greenland mountain ranges. A secluded communication headquarter towers above the frost, barely gripping the cliff faces that enclose it.

Arrow aciknovae

Forward Shot Overview Aciknovae.png

Reverse Shot Overview Aciknovae Reverse.png

Piercing through a reactor core and tunneling through an industrial jungle, Russia's newest power plant pushes the efficiency of power production to an unprecedented high. Such a modern marvel goes unappreciated by the droves of spectators situated along these few miles of repurposed transportation tracks.

Arrow zephyr climb

Forward Shot Overview ZephyrClimb.png

Reverse Shot Overview ZephyrClimb Reverse.png

A large wind farm wraps itself around the Alps at the heart of Zephyr. The chilly peak boasts a slowly climbing layout with an impressive view of the surrounding mountain ranges.

Arrow nova split

Forward Shot Overview NovaSplit.png

Reverse Shot Overview NovaSplit Reverse.png

Expense, destruction and conspiracy. Nova Split is the result of all three. Torn apart by military grade weaponry as its true nature unfolded, the once Nova Park of Chicago lays in ruins from artificial seismic activity. An improvement considered by many.

Arrow luna

Forward Shot Overview Luna.png

Reverse Shot Overview Luna Reverse.png

When a small step doesn't cut it you leap into orbit and build entertainment instead. Perhaps the most expensive project in human history, Luna sets a remarkable milestone for human achievement and also the biggest dent in global finances to date.

Arrow dover

Forward Shot Overview Dover.png

Reverse Shot Overview Dover Reverse.png

Explore a legacy along the white cliffs of Dover and pass Dover castle, held in place from centuries past to maintain Britain's geological landmark.

Arrow ishtar citadel

Forward Shot Overview IshtarCitadel.png

Reverse Shot Overview IshtarCitadel Reverse.png

Experience the true sense of anti-gravity among the citadel towers of Ishtar. Weaving through the monolithic neon spires lays chicanes suspended above the clouds hidden to the anticipated Tokyo populous below.

Arrow arrivon xi

Forward Shot Overview ArrivonXI.png

Reverse Shot Overview ArrivonXI Reverse.png

Sprint through the newly founded tropical island of Arrivon, the Caribbean's latest holiday paradise quickly gaining popularity through its involvement in the AGL.

Arrow omega harbour

Forward Shot Overview OmegaHarbour.png

Reverse Shot Overview OmegaHarbour Reverse.png

Rush through the busy docks of France's largest harbor, dive into the depths below and pass through a sleepless business sector clinging to the shoreline.

Arrow utah project

Forward Shot Overview UtahProject.png

Reverse Shot Overview UtahProject Reverse.png

Pushing the boundaries of hydroelectric power, the Utah Dam project shows just how useful rivers can be in a continued effort to make the future green.

Arrow marina rush

Forward Shot Overview MarinaRush.png

Reverse Shot Overview MarinaRush Reverse.png

Sail over sea on the sun bleached Chioggia shoreline, reflexes and fast thinking at the helm of this short but brutal end all be all of the AGL season.

Arrow atlantica

Forward Shot Overview Atlantica.png

Reverse Shot Overview Atlantica Reverse.png

Breeze through the scorching sands of the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantica is now officially open for lower profile race events.

Arrow expert tracks

Arrow Hydrome Bed

Forward Shot Overview HydromeBed.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

Dive deep into Hydrome Bed, this warm aquatic expert circuit shows an exciting first to what the secluded Maceno Island has to offer the AGL.

Arrow Arrivon Peak

Forward Shot Overview ArrivonPeak.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

Sitting at the peak of Arrivons volcano is the AGLs most unsafe track yet. Officials have yet to decide if the layout or environment is the most hazardous.

Arrow drag tracks

Arrow tokyo bowl

Forward Shot Overview TokyoBowl.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

Sporting an overzealous crowd and extremely short lap times, Tokyo Bowl is the first and sometimes last step to becoming a model b pilot.

Arrow relay

Forward Shot Overview Relay.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

Around Omnicom's polar communications relay loops a repurposed circuit that hasn't seen racing for several years. This simple figure of eight is a perfect circuit for Model B newcomers looking to build their steering skills.

Arrow underpass

Forward Shot Overview Underpass.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

Running under a highway of grit and smog, Shanghai's industry sector has an all new emissions beast to fuel the darkness looming overhead.

Arrow lujiazui park

Forward Shot Overview LujiazuiPark.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

Shanghai's Central Greenland Park has a new attraction on offer. The latest and greatest in their new lineup of death traps leaves the population hungry for more.

Arrow precision tracks

Arrow Pr0x001

Forward Shot Overview Pr0x001.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

First of four short precision tracks.

Arrow Pr0x002

Forward Shot Overview Pr0x002.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

Second of four short precision tracks.

Arrow Pr0x003

Forward Shot Overview Pr0x003.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

Third of four short precision tracks.

Arrow Pr0x004

Forward Shot Overview Pr0x004.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

Fourth of four short precision tracks.

Arrow free tracks expansion

Arrow europa

Forward Shot Overview Europa.png

Reverse Shot Overview Europa Reverse.png

What started as a mission to mine and analyse the rock of Europa turned into a brand new investment to the AGL and the perfect opportunity for G-Tek to unveil their next generation AG engine units.

Arrow neon nights expansion

Arrow vega square

Forward Shot Overview VegaSquare.png

Reverse Shot Overview VegaSquare Reverse.png

Blast through Vega City's central park, the ultimate hub for night life and AG fans alike.

Arrow route 05

Forward Shot Overview Route5.png

Reverse Shot Overview Route5 Reverse.png

Blueprints of an old AGL circuit were discovered and fully realized in this intermediate track weaving through dense buildings and passing Vega City's 5km highway

Arrow thunderhead

Forward Shot Overview Thunderhead.png

Reverse Shot Overview Thunderhead Reverse.png

Storm through Vega City's developing industry sector on this intermediate course covered by the pollution of nearby factories.

Arrow basin

Forward Shot Overview Basin.png

Reverse Shot Overview Basin Reverse.png

Flow through Vega City's central storm drain on this white knuckle circuit that promises to strain your sense of orientation.

Arrow metro

Forward Shot Overview Metro.png

Reverse Shot Overview Metro Reverse.png

Transit through the redundant lines of Vega City's metro system with this hybrid circuit still under heavy construction.

Arrow cut tracks

Arrow xl prototype

Forward Shot XL proto.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

Cut remake of a cut track from Wipeout XL.

Arrow Maceno Bay

Forward Shot Maceno Bay 5.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

Maceno Bay was the debut of the game's fictional island of Maceno. This track was to become what is now Dover before it was renamed.

Arrow 0x001

Forward Shot 0x001 6.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

First of three cut minimalist tracks.

Arrow 0x002

Forward Shot 0x002 6.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

Second of three cut minimalist tracks.

Arrow 0x003

Forward Shot 0x003 6.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

Third of three cut minimalist tracks.

Arrow Omega Loop

Forward Shot Omega Loop 8.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

A cut 2280 exclusive track (based on this track) that ran through a hyperloop station built on an artifical coast extension where Omega Harbour was built in 2159.

Arrow Pacheon II

Forward Shot Pacheon II 8.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

Second of five cut 2280 tracks.

Arrow Oceana

Forward Shot Oceana 8.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

A cut 2280 exclusive track (based on an AGR2280 track there is no video of) that was based in a water themed amusement park.

Arrow Arrivon Falls

Forward Shot Arrivon Falls 8.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

A cut 2280 exclusive track (based on this track) that cut through a large waterfall near Arrivon XI.

Arrow Maceno Reef

Forward Shot Maceno Reef 8.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

A cut 2280 exclusive track (based on this track) off the shore of Maceno Island, later replaced by Hydrome Bed.l

Arrow Drift Stadium

Forward Shot Drift Stadium 7.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

Cut drift track used for Barracuda C races.

Arrow Speed Stadium

Forward Shot Speed Stadium 7.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

Cut drag track used for Barracuda B races.

Arrow Handling Tutorial

Forward Shot Handling Tutorial 7.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

Cut tutorial track used to teach handling basics.

Arrow Combat Tutorial

Forward Shot Combat Tutorial 7.png

Reverse Shot Overview Default.png

Cut tutorial track used to teach combat basics.