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Arrow tenrai
Logo Tenrai.png
Purity Of The Race
Arrow details
Arrow full name Tenrai Racing Development
Arrow location Tokyo, Japan
Arrow founded 2140
Arrow years active 2144-Current
Arrow league AGL 2159
Arrow key people
Arrow active pilots [JP]Akira Sato
[JP]Tomoko Akagi
Arrow other people [JP]Ami Ikeyama[CEO]
Arrow ships
Arrow 2159 ships tenrai t1-x
Arrow other ships tenrai t1

Arrow team description

Tenrai are a Japanese AG Racing team formed in 2140 in response to G-Tek's announcement of the AGL. Their 2159 T1-x model leaves out a large amount of weapon and shielding technology to focus on speed and handling.

Arrow team overview

Audience darling and flag-bearer of "Pure Racing", Tenrai Racing Developments is one of the most successful AGL teams currently active, second only to Barracuda and Nexus.

Born for competing and bred for victory, Tenrai devotes all of its available resources in top-of-the-line pilot training and further refining their already impressive self-designed craft, the T1-X - a masterwork of a machine whose only weaknesses lie in brittle shielding and ineffective weapon systems, purposefully designed this way to dissuade pilots from solving their predicaments through direct violence.

Still, their semi-dogmatic focus on morality has also made them some enemies along the way: teams such as Diavolt, Wyvern and G-Tek, whose overreliance on weaponry is often a matter of public scorn from Tenrai representatives. Sure, G-Tek may also benefit from a combined research agreement with Tenrai once the curtains fall, but footage of post-podium smack-talks devolving into pilot vs pilot brawls tells all there is to know about the state of such relationships.

Also notable is their ongoing legal battle with Barracuda Corporation over the patent for the fully sealed cockpit design used on both the T1-X and all Barracuda racing models - each having apparently been developed independently from the other and completed around the same time. Another particular case that's spawned rumors a plenty, contributing to the AGL's charm and overall popularity.

Arrow team background

Arrow AGL 2159 season

Arrow trivia

Tenrai's name (テンライ) is derived from the Japanese word for "thunder" or "heavenly thunder" (天雷).

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