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Arrow tenrai
Logo Tenrai.png
Purity Of The Race
Arrow basic info
Arrow full name Tenrai Racing Development
Arrow location Tokyo, Japan
Arrow founded 2140
Arrow ships tenrai t1-x
Arrow core people
Arrow founder Ami Ikeyama
Arrow primary pilot [JP] Akira Sato
Arrow secondary pilot [JP] Tomoko Akagi
Arrow relationships
Arrow friends Caliburn
Arrow rivals G-tek

Arrow Role

Tenrai is a Japanese Anti-Gravity Racing Team formed with the goal of building high performance AG racing craft. They maintain a pure racing principle.

Arrow Ship Details

The Tenrai T1-X drops shielding and weapon power in favour of handling, acceleration and speed, making it an excellent choice for pilots mastering racing lines.

Arrow AGL Performance

Tenrai maintains their place as one of the most popular and successful teams in the 2159 AGL season. Despite their pacifist approach to AG racing, the special training Tenrai pilots receive combined with the swift nature of their craft allows the team to continuously cut through the field.

Arrow History

Tenrai was founded in 2140 by former G-Tek engineer Ami Ikeyama with the goal of building an uncompromising, high performance AG craft. The team joined the AGL in 2144 and quickly established themselves as a top-runner in the league. With the introduction of weapon systems to the AGL, the team switched focus to pacifist racing in protest of the change.Their performance-oriented design philosophy, combined with the increased need to make up for lacking combat capabilities with pure track performance, has made Tenrai one of the most technologically forward-thinking teams on the grid. Despite their public rivalry with G-Tek, the two Japanese teams maintain several joint research agreements behind the scenes.