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The following is a list of teams in the game BallisticNG. There are currently 13 teams in this game.

Arrow standard teams

Arrow g-tek

Logo G-Tek.png
G-Tek are a japanese R&D company established in 2116 specialising in the development of Anti-Gravity Technology. Their 2159 R34 model is an entry level ship with poor top speeds but impressive handling.

Arrow wyvern

Logo Wyvern.png
Wyvern is a UK based AG racing team formed in 2141 by Wyvern Incorporated as a response to G-Tek's creation of the AGL. Their 2159 Mkii model is a mid packer runner with notable handling.

Arrow hyperion

Logo Hyperion.png
Hyperion are a Finland based sports and luxury AG car manufacturer formed in 2122, with their racing division formed in 2141 in response to G-Tek's conception of the AGL. Their 2159 Ilmatar model focuses on defensive capabilities and sacrifices acceleration and firepower.

Arrow scorpio

Logo Scorpio.png
Scorpio is an Italian engineering and construction conglomerate that formed an AG racing team in 2157. Their 2159 Rs2100 model focuses on speed and acceleration, sacrificing maneuvrability in the process.

Arrow omnicom

Logo Omnicom.png
Omnicom are a global comms and broadcasting giant who establised an AG racing division in 2110 alongside G-tek. They also broadcast the AGL and supply comms tech used in it. Their 2159 Series 2 model is balanced all round with no specific qualities.

Arrow diavolt

Logo Diavolt.png
Diavolt are a Russian arms and vehicle manufacturer. Formed in 2041 they work on military technology, providing some of their tech for the AGL. Their Di-500 model focuses on weapon strength, sacrificing agility.

Arrow nexus

Logo Nexus.png
Nexus are a european Anti-Gravity R&D unit formed by G-Tek in 2125, which became indipendent in 2140. Their 2159 Nti-4 model focuses entirely on speed, sacrificing handling and weapons technology.

Arrow tenrai

Logo Tenrai.png
Tenrai are a Japanese AG Racing team formed in 2140 in response to G-Tek's announcement of the AGL. Their 2159 T1-x model leaves out a large amount of weapon and shielding technology to focus on speed and handling.

Arrow prototype teams

Arrow barracuda

Logo Barracuda.png
Barracuda are a South Korean advanced industrial systems manufacturer established in 2096. They decimated the AGL in 2154 and run their own Model A and Model B leagues alongside the AGL 2159. The Barracuda model a and Barracuda model b are their flagships.

Arrow caliburn

Logo Caliburn.png
Caliburn are a Brazillian tech company formed in 2157. They were banned following an investigation revealing they were using outlawed tech. Their 2159 Cr-1 sported the best handling the AGL has ever seen with exceptional top speeds.