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The following is a list of teams in the game BallisticNG. There are currently 13 teams in this game.

Arrow standard teams

Arrow g-tek

Logo G-Tek.png
G-Tek are a global R&D company and racing team established in 2110. They are responsible for the introduction of AG racing and have competed in every AGL season since the inception of the race commission in 2140.

Arrow wyvern

Logo Wyvern.png
Wyvern are a UK based AG racing team.

Arrow hyperion

Logo Hyperion.png
Wyvern are a Finland based AG racing team.

Arrow scorpio

Logo Scorpio.png
Wyvern are a Sicily based AG racing team.

Arrow omnicom

Logo Omnicom.png
Omnicom are a global telecommunications and broadcasting company and an AG vehicle manufacturer that established a racing division in 2110. Along with G-Tek, they are one of the most prolific civil AG manufacturers on the globe. Omnicom broadcast the lion's share of AGL-based TV content and their communications technology is the defacto standard used on the racetrack.

Arrow diavolt

Logo Diavolt.png
Diavolt are a Russian AG manufacturer and research company. Originally a military company, they are now the most prolific AG manufacturer in Russia and were the very first company to join the Anti Gravity League after its inception in 2135.

Arrow nexus

Logo Nexus.png
Nexus are a racing and research unit representing the combined forces of several European and Scandinavian countries. They are the most prominent European team and are a very respected institution in their region.

Arrow tenrai

Logo Tenrai.png
Tenrai are an Iwate based AG racing team.

Arrow prototype teams

Arrow barracuda

Logo Barracuda.png
Barracuda are a South Korean vehicle manufacturer and racing team first established in 2109. They decimated the AGL in 2153 with a sudden and dominating performance and are responsible for the introduction of the Barracuda Challenge to the AGL season. Despite their small size, they have made a massive impact on the league and become more influential to antigravity technology with every passing day.
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