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Arrow surge
Render Surge.png
Arrow details
Arrow difficulty easy
Arrow location switzerland
Arrow forward conditions night, storm
Arrow reverse conditions morning, storm
Arrow location screenshot
Overview Surge.png
Arrow menu description
Two weather tampering systems have left portions of the Swiss Alps in a constant electrical storm. Surge through the discharged valleys with this newcomer to the AGL, a perfect entry track for beginner pilots.

Arrow History

Along with Cassandra and Ishtar Citadel, Surge is one of the first purpose-built AG racing tracks and was scheduled to be introduced to the AGL in 2144. However, before any events could be held on the circuit, the Alps Storm Incident, caused by two malfunctioning weather tampering systems, left much of the region covered in a permanent electrical storm. Considered too dangerous for the new sport, the track was abandoned. But with the league changing its focus to more daring locations, plans were made to reintroduce the venue to the AGL roster for the 2159 season.