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The Spline Layout Creator is an offical in-game development tool used to very quickly build and instantly playtest new track layouts before exporting them out to TRM and OBJ files to work with externally. This version of the Layout Creator is not yet available and will be part of the game's 1.0 release.

This tool can only be controlled via keyboard and mouse and has a fixed set of hotkey for working with it. All hotkeys are listed in the tool, go to Help -> Hotkey Reference to see a list of them all.

Arrow Tutorials

Arrow Spline Layout Creator Basics

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A look at the layout creators interface and general concepts on how the tool works.

Arrow Spline Layout Creator Node Manipulation

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A look at how you can manipulate the data of nodes to change the shape and behaviour of your tracks.

Arrow Spline Layout Creator Routes

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A look at routes, what they are and how they affect your track.

Arrow Spline Layout Creator Track Design

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A look at design practices that went behind the offical tracks.

Arrow Other Reading

Arrow CTL

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Documentation for the Custom Track Layout format and how you can read them and write your own.