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Arrow scorpio
Logo Scorpio.png
Challenge Every Extreme
Arrow details
Arrow full name Scorpio Engineering
Arrow location Bolzano, Italy
Arrow founded 2080
Arrow years active 2157-Current
Arrow league AGL 2159
Arrow key people
Arrow active pilots [IT]Gioseffo Necci
[IT]Marco Rizzo
Arrow other people [IT]Adele Necci[CEO]
[IT]Gian Necci
Arrow ships
Arrow 2159 ships scorpio rs2100
Arrow other ships none

Arrow team description

Scorpio is an Italian engineering and construction conglomerate that formed an AG racing team in 2157. Their 2159 Rs2100 model focuses on speed and acceleration, sacrificing maneuvrability in the process.

Arrow team overview

Hailing from the rolling fir valleys of South Tyrol, Italy, this construction and real estate conglomerate has recently joined the AGL with a single objective: ruining Omnicom's day.

Bearing a grudge for the American media empire over a de-advertising debacle which sent their business expansion plans up in smoke, Scorpio Engineering decided to instead bring the advertising in the one place Omnicom wouldn't dare to censor: the racetrack, fielding what's essentially an industrial gravplatform fitted with titanic engines.

Unable to veto their inclusion, Omnicom often attempts to cut Scorpio's races short in order to, at least, give the rival company as little exposure as possible - leading to prolonged dogfights that, while providing plenty of entertainment for the folks at home, usually drag both teams way at the bottom of the end of race standings.

Arrow team background

Arrow AGL 2159 season

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