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Arrow scorpio
Logo Scorpio.png
Challenge Every Extreme
Arrow basic info
Arrow full name Scorpio Engineering
Arrow location Bolzano, Italy
Arrow founded 2080
Arrow ships scorpio rs2100
Arrow core people
Arrow founder Unknown
Arrow primary pilot [IT] Gioseffo Necci
Arrow secondary pilot [IT] Marco Rizzo
Arrow relationships
Arrow friends Diavolt
Arrow rivals Omnicom

Arrow Role

Scorpio is an Italian industrial engineering conglomerate that joined the AGL in 2157 with the sole goal of taking Omnicom down.

Arrow Ship Details

Scorpio’s RS2100 racecraft reflects their motives in the AGL, sporting strong shields and weapons combined with extremely fast acceleration. As a result of this combat-focused design, top speed and maneuverability suffer greatly.

Arrow AGL Performance

Notable for their surprisingly quick ship and extremely aggressive pilots, Scorpio enters the 2159 AGL season as the newest team in the sport. However, their lack of experience hasn’t stopped them from achieving their goal of preventing Omnicom from winning. Their dogfights with the American media juggernaut typically drag both teams to the back of the pack, and frequently result in eliminations.

Arrow History

Established in 2080, Scorpio Engineering is Italy’s largest industrial machinery manufacturer. In 2156, an ill-fated advertising contract led to Omnicom removing all of Scorpio’s advertising from their networks. With their business expansion plans up in smoke, Scorpio developed a fully-fledged racing team in less than a year. In their first AGL season in 2157, Scorpio immediately made their presence known, targeting Omnicom almost exclusively. They continuously attack Omnicom at any chance they get, leading to altercations between pilots both on and off the track.