Ripple Conflicts

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The Ripple Conflicts are a collective group of wars that occurred from 2051 to 2095. As a result of national tension, ideological conflicts, and the ever-present fear of resource shortage and habitability issues on Earth, any fragment of stability known to the world would spiral out of control and out of existence. The initial wars between the global superpowers were fierce yet moderated by a safety blanket of diplomacy, however not even that could prevent the cracks in the pipe from exploding once enough pressure had amassed. The smaller conflicts gave way to larger ones, the stakes were constantly raised, nations expended unreasonable funding to develop technology that would see the end of the fighting either through deterrence, or through resolutions to the root issues. As a domino effect took its course, nuclear destruction became a loudly proclaimed "imminent apocalypse". Seeing the danger of this, belligerents found themselves in a pattern of falling back on diplomacy to resolve problems only to start another issue a few years thereafter. Greatly concerned about the constant threat of nuclear war, the destructive power of antimatter had finally been realised and its capabilities served to deter nuclear threats at the cost of completely escalating the panic from the populace. The global economy tanked in every market that did not feed the war. Companies found it exceptionally difficult to survive in such a volatile environment and either ceased to exist or made emergency mergers and acquisitions to stay alive. Meanwhile, global warming had reached a point where it could not be ignored as it would threaten human existence, forcing development in changing energy production means and putting a greater strain on the economy to do so. Through all of this, the concept of true peace had been all but eradicated from the minds of many people, leading to this time period being considered one of the worst to live during. As a direct result of this however, society would be forged into a far greater force of development. When the wars finally ended at the end of the 21st century, nothing was the same; the next era was marked by nothing short of pure scientific progress and a lack of significant global turmoil. Humanity had become exceedingly cautious and began heavily suppressing all attempts to initiate a war through means of varying ethical integrity. For over 60 years, the world has lived in a seemingly Utopian environment, but the costs to achieve this result are impossible to ignore.

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