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Arrow protonic
Logo Protonic.png
New Perspectives
Arrow basic info
Arrow full name Protonic Incorporated
Arrow location Daejeon, South Korea
Arrow founded 2125
Arrow ships protonic ag4
Arrow core people
Arrow founder Song Ho-jin
Arrow primary pilot [KR]Cheol-min Park
Arrow secondary pilot [KR]Hye-Lim No
Arrow relationships
Arrow friends Mtech
Arrow rivals Barracuda

Arrow Role

Protonic is a small Korean racing team and mechanic shop operating from their garage.

Arrow Ship Details

The Protonic AG4 is built for drifting, and isn't afraid to swing its weight around. Its unique handling and fast acceleration make it useful on technical tracks, but it is below average in every other statistic. Due to Protonic’s lack of staff to produce more craft, the few ships they have undergo maintenance between races.

Arrow AGL Performance

Protonic enters the 2159 AGL season with their manpower lacking after Barracuda poached several of their engineers during development of their own drift ship, the Model C. While Protonic remains confident, relations between the two Korean teams have since soured.

Arrow History

Protonic Incorporated was founded in 2125 as an AG mechanic shop in Daejeon, South Korea. Their contributions to Korea’s amateur racing scene gave them a reputation for high quality craftsmanship and innovative designs. In under six years, the small company was able to develop the world’s first AG drift ship using the profits earned from their shop. After demonstrating the craft to the public, they entered it into the 2154 AGL season. Protonic’s surprising level of success for such a small budget generated a lot of press, bringing an influx of business to their shop. This success got the attention of Barracuda, who poached much of Protonic's staff to work on their Model C and its subleague in 2157. Despite the setback, Protonic is rapidly gathering support from fans and sponsors alike.