Project Peregrine

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Project Peregrine is the code name for a research and development initiative within Barracuda Corporation. Officially started in 2145, the initial goal of the project was to produce a "perfect and thoroughly unbeatable" race craft. Barracuda spent the next several years refining their prototypes in secret until 2154 with the reveal of the Barracuda Model A, a craft that had largely achieved their initial goal, although came with the shortcoming of lacking weapon technology due to the relatively recent adoption of weaponry and mounting pressure from the AGL Commission's suspicions. Following their utter domination in the 2154 league and subsequent ban, Project Peregrine was reopened and refocused to develop further specialised crafts on the same platform. As a result, Barracuda would unleash the Barracuda Model B and the Barracuda Model C in the following years.