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BallisticNG has 13 different pickups available which help aid in dealing damage to, slowing down, and otherwise giving the player an edge over other racers.

SquareArrowMotif.png pickups

Icon Rockets.png
Three projectile weapons with no aim assist.

Icon Missile.png
Projectile weapon with a delayed lock-on to an opponent.

Icon Mines.png
A string of 5 explosives set on the track behind the pilot.

Icon Plasma.png
An incredibly powerful weapon with no aim assist and a significant charge time.

Icon Energy Wall.png
A wall of energy that stops opponents when hit.

Icon Cannon.png
Thirty bullets that do minimal energy damage but lots of slowdown.

Icon Shield.png
An energy bubble that absorbs all impacts.

Icon Autopilot.png
Five seconds of complete computer control.

Icon Emergency Pack.png
50 energy points for low energy pilots.

Icon Quake.png
A wave of energy that rips the track up and slows down all opponents in front of you.

Icon Turbo.png
A quick burst of speed.

Icon Hunter.png
An invincible projectile weapon headed straight for first place.

Icon Hellstorm.png
Projectile weapon that can lock-on to up to four opponents in a circle radius.

SquareArrowMotif.png cut pickups

Icon Transfer Beam.png
A beam that latches onto opponents and steals their energy.

Icon UnknownPickup.png
A large explosive set behind the pilot.


Icon UnknownPickup.png
no pickup description available

SquareArrowMotif.pngtrip laser

Icon UnknownPickup.png
no pickup description available

Icon Wormhole.png
A portal that teleports the player in last further into the pack.
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