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Arrow omnicom
Logo Omnicom.png
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Arrow basic info
Arrow full name Omnicom Technologies
Arrow location Chicago, United States
Arrow founded 2099
Arrow ships omnicom series 2
Arrow core people
Arrow founder Micheal Kaminsky
Arrow primary pilot [US]Garrett Morello
Arrow secondary pilot [US]Tanya Willard
Arrow relationships

Arrow Role

Omnicom is a Chicago based communications, broadcasting and technology company. They own a majority of the global media and have exclusive rights to broadcast AGL events.

Arrow Ship Details

Sometimes compared to a scaled up consumer vehicle, the Omnicom Series 2 is an intermediate ship that has strong acceleration and combat abilities but below average speed and handling.

Arrow AGL Performance

Omnicom enters the 2159 AGL season like every year beforehand, equipped with high hopes and a higher budget. Their pilots don't shy away from aggressive tactics to secure victory, but their fierce rivalries frequently get them caught up in firefights which drag them toward the back of the grid.

Arrow History

Omnicom Technologies was founded in 2099 as a simple Telecommunications Provider, but they quickly expanded into other markets and made moves to secure a monopoly on the global media. They entered the AGL in 2144 as part of an advertising deal with the organizing company G-Tek, securing them exclusive broadcasting rights. In 2157, Omnicom falsely blamed Diavolt for activating a military grade Seismic Emitter in the center of Chicago's Nova Park, devastating the surrounding area. This accusation, coupled with censorship of Diavolt’s response by Omnicom’s networks, has resulted in a fierce rivalry between the two teams.