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Arrow omnicom
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Arrow details
Arrow full name Omnicom Technologies
Arrow location Chicago, Illinois
Arrow founded 2099
Arrow years active 2144-Current
Arrow league AGL 2159
Arrow key people
Arrow active pilots [US]Garrett Morello
[US]Tanya Willard
Arrow other people [US]Alex Cooper[CEO]
[US]Mac Kaminsky
Arrow ships
Arrow AGL ships omnicom series 2
Arrow other ships omnicom series 1

Arrow team description

Omnicom are a Chicago based telecommunications and broadcasting company, whose racing division was established in 2141 in response to G-Tek's creation of the AGL. Their 2159 Series 2 craft focuses on all aspects of racing, providing a solid base but not exceeding in any area.

Arrow team overview

The quintessential modern conglomerate, with a strong presence in a variety of markets ranging from aerospace engineering to media distribution, Omnicom Technologies has also been holding exclusive broadcasting rights to all AGL events since the inaugural season.

With said broadcasting rights granting its executives first row seats to the explosion of AG racing's popularity, the company eventually syphoned some of its aerospace and anti-gravity resources in the creation of an Omnicom-branded racing team, in order to doubly profit off of the worldwide sporting phenomenon.

Generally portrayed as a "fair and balanced" team with outstanding audience support, Omnicom also seems to hide a darker, more oppressive side, with rumors about their holding's media censorship ethics and ongoing feud with Diavolt giving the company's clean, friendly public face an unnerving air of ambiguousness.

Arrow team background

Omnicom began as Omni Communications, a widely popular telecommunications company that rose to dominance in the late 21st century because of its attractive services and prices. During the widely unstable economy at the time, many other companies in this field found it difficult to compete with them and were either acquired by Omnicom or simply ceased to exist altogether. In just a few years, they'd managed to cement themselves as a powerful and widely known corporation with their hands in many different markets.

By the end of the Ripple Conflicts and the recovery period that followed in 2095, Omnicom made moves to grow their company further. Already one of the largest entities, they solidified their position by merging with another super-giant corporation, XL Technologies, and became Omnicom Technologies in 2099. With this acquisition, Omnicom had much more resources and influence, but that did not slow them down. What followed over the next few decades was nothing short of aggressive expansion.

Starting in 2110, Omnicom bought out several companies each year until they had few competitors. The world revolved around Omnicom's diverse media offerings, industrial technology, and consumer products, especially in personal electronics and aerospace engineering. Some say that their developments towards technological progress exceed that of all major corporations and government programs that preceded it combined. Following G-Tek's announcement of their antigravity device, Omnicom worked with G-Tek to secure and improve the technology for their vehicles and by the mid 2120s, the world was AG dominant.

When G-Tek announced their intentions to host an entire racing league dedicated to antigravity-based crafts, Omnicom was happy to assist in the creation of its infrastructure (and negotiate for exclusive rights to broadcast the races). Omnicom officially created a team and joined the AGL Commission in 2142. Following the success of the AGL 2144 and its staggering viewership, Omnicom's efforts to promote their racing team has invoked international support as Omnicom's media has portrayed them as fair and successful for years, even though they've been considered moderately successful in most AGL seasons.

On the 15th of November 2157 Omnicom would cause the Nova Incident by accidentally destroying Nova Park while testing their independent seismic weapons. Refusing to have their public image tarnished for this they pinned it on Diavolt, starting one of the most intense controversies in recent history.

Meanwhile, Omnicom would have to deal with other entities challenging their stance on media control, bias, and their ruthless monopolising business strategies. The actions carried out by Omnicom since their foundation has directly caused retaliation from various objectors, resulting in a challenge to maintain their image and carry out their responsibilities at the same time.

Arrow AGL 2159 season

The AGL 2159 Season is the most eventful season in AGL history and Omnicom knows it. Every effort is taken to enhance the experience for its viewerbase and facilitate the AGL's ambitions. On the track, Omnicom does very well but now has to deal with its external conflicts from the companies that own the opposing teams. Diavolt, Scorpio, and Hyperion are all very glad to attempt to embarrass them and Scorpio especially often succeeds in doing so at every possible turn. It is unlikely that Omnicom will be able to retain their public image within the AGL and as a company as a whole for very long, despite their best efforts.

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