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Arrow mtech
Mtech logo.png
M On Call
Arrow basic info
Arrow full name MediTech R&D
Arrow location Toronto, Canada
Arrow founded 2075
Arrow ships mtech p1
Arrow core people
Arrow founder Unknown
Arrow primary pilot Mario Richards
Arrow secondary pilot N/A
Arrow relationships
Arrow friends Omnicom
Arrow rivals None

Arrow Role

MTech is a medical research company and emergency vehicle manufacturer that has made multiple large advancements in medical science.

Arrow Ship Details

The P1’s AG unit rivals Diavolt’s for low ground clearance, allowing it to pass over uneven terrain without an issue. Its handling is very responsive, but it is below average in all other ways.

Arrow AGL Performance

MTech is only participating in the AGL to promote their brand, rather than win every race. Despite this laid back attitude, their pilots are able to hold their own against the competition, allowing them frequent finishes in the midpack and even the occasional victory.

Arrow History

Established in 2075, MediTech R&D began as a medical research company, but in an attempt to diversify they also began manufacturing emergency vehicles in 2137. They sell hospital equipment across the globe and are responsible for several of the world-changing medical breakthroughs of the last 50 years. With their emergency vehicle lineup gaining traction, MTech was contracted by the AGL to develop the Rescue Droids that now intercept ships when they stray too far from the track. After the success of the Rescue Droid project, MTech saw the AGL as an opportunity to advertise their other services and began work on a racing team.