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Arrow luna
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Arrow difficulty intermediate
Arrow location space
Arrow forward conditions no days
Arrow reverse conditions Unknown
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When a small step doesn't cut it you leap into orbit and build entertainment instead. Perhaps the most expensive project in human history, Luna sets a remarkable milestone for human achievement and also the biggest dent in global finances to date.

Arrow description

The AGL’s only extraterrestrial circuit is one of the harder tracks in the season. It contains lots of tricky corners that often come one right after another. Consequently, Luna gives little (if any) breather moments during the race and may easily surprise unseasoned pilots with its sudden, unseen turns. The track also constantly changes elevation and requires quick pitch shifting in order to not lose speed. Moreover, as a track constructed in the void of our Moon's orbit, it is poorly lit, and as such demands even more attention from the pilot than the other courses. Follow the track’s surface lights, so you will not lose your way in the darkness.

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Luna is the embodiment of Omnicom’s reach. A satellite array in high orbit over the moon, Omnicom manages to broadcast to lunar colonies. Luna doubles as a shuttle station to the surface, earning the nickname “Gateway to the Moon”. The AGL partnered with Omnicom to construct a track here to serve as the league’s most exciting venue, allowing viewers to witness antigravity racing in space. Luna was not cheap however, and currently holds the record of being the most expensive project in all of human history.

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