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This page is about the old Editor, for the new one check : Layout Creator (2.0)

The Layout Creator is an official, in-game development tool used to quickly build and instantly playtest new track layouts before exporting them out to TRM and OBJ files to work with externally.

Arrow begin creating a track

When you first open the Layout Creator, you will notice some white track segments arranged in a straight line. Segments are added and removed using Enter and Backspace, respectively. The black lines marking future segments are known as the preview, the length of which can be changed with the mouse wheel.

  • Select the last segment using PgUp. Use Home and End to move your selection up and down along existing segments. As new segments are created, the cursor automatically moves to the last segment.
  • To create turns, rotate segments using the left and right arrow keys. The up and down arrow keys control elevation, while the comma and period keys bank the track.
  • To playtest the track, use F2. Press F2 again to resume editing.
  • If your track is a closed circuit (as opposed to a point-to-point track), you can connect the end back to the starting grid by opening up the Segment Editor (top toolbar -> Tools), and then scrolling down in the popup. Check the "Connect End" checkbox, and then click "Set Connect".

Arrow useful tools

  • Instead of alternating between turning and placing segments, however, you can use iteration, in which rotation settings are applied across segments (as seen in the preview). Using iteration allows you to place multiple segments without rotating them each time, and usually results in smooth turns. 1, 2, and 3 respectively toggle rotation, bank, and pitch iteration.
  • To create jumps, use Y to toggle a split in the track and then press Enter. Notice how the cursor moves forward, but a segment has not been placed. To offset the track for the jump landing, hold Z and use W, A, S, D, E (up), or Q (down) to move the cursor manually. The next time you press Enter, a segment should be created once again.
  • You can select multiple track segments simultaneously, either by shift-clicking, or by selecting one segment and then shift-control-clicking another to select all of the segments between the two.
  • Soft selection allows you to edit segments proportionally (allowing for gradual changes in elevation, bank, etc.) on an already-completed section of the track. It requires that you select a section of adjacent segments and then choose a soft selection mode in the top toolbar. You will notice that the selected segments fade from red to green (with red having changes applied as normal, whereas green is not changed).

More information on the Layout Creator can be found here.

After your layout is finished and exported to a TRM file, editing is to be resumed in Unity.

Arrow documentation pages

Arrow Concepts and Overview

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An overview of the layout creators interface and general concepts on how the tool works.

Arrow Hotkey Reference

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A list of the hotkeys and what they do.

Arrow Controller Mode

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Details on using a controller to create a track.

Arrow Segment Editor

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Information on the segment editor, the most important tool to have open when working.

Arrow Data Viewer

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Information on the data viewer, a useful tool for inspecting the data of selected segments..

Arrow Command Plugins

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Details on writing custom plugins in C# to execute your own commands.