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Arrow lance systems
Logo Lance Systems.png
Strike Swiftly
Arrow basic info
Arrow full name Lance Systems Incorporated
Arrow location Newcastle, Australia
Arrow founded 2122
Arrow ships precision delta
Arrow core people
Arrow founder Lucas Mereweather
Arrow primary pilot [AU] Dylan Geils
Arrow secondary pilot N/A
Arrow relationships
Arrow friends None
Arrow rivals Diavolt

Arrow Role

Lance Systems is an Australian aerospace company and aircraft manufacturer. They are well known for developing the most agile aircraft in service.

Arrow Ship Details

Using forward-swept wings and lightweight parts in the only manufactured unit, the Precision Delta is designed with maximizing cornering in mind, trading speed and acceleration for excellent agility rivaling that of G-Tek and Tenrai.

Arrow AGL Performance

Using the data acquired from their Precision Trials, Lance Systems entered the league in 2159 to test the craft they produced. Their sole pilot, Dylan Geils, was given strict orders to avoid destroying the ship. Despite the pressure, he has made good use of the ship's agility, with competitors saying that they are unable to keep up with him at times.

Arrow History

Lance Systems was founded in 2122 in Newcastle, Australia, providing the world with the most reliable and agile commercial and fighter aircraft in service. They have been on a steady decline due to the lack of sales since the 2130s. When AG racing surged in popularity, Lance Systems set out to produce a craft to exceed the demands for a time-attack craft and save themselves from going under. Near the end of 2149, they created a virtual environment called the Precision Trials and invited the AGL's top pilots to test the concept ship. Their staff used these tests to fine-tune and produce the final version of the Precision Delta for their entry into the 2159 season. With little funding left, Lance Systems' participation in the AGL is about to decide whether they will stay in business in the future.