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Arrow hyperion
Logo Hyperion.png
Ready To Reveal
Arrow basic info
Arrow full name Hyperion Automotive
Arrow location Tampere, Finland
Arrow founded 2122
Arrow ships hyperion ilmatar
Arrow core people
Arrow founder Unknown
Arrow primary pilot [FI] Lotta Kajaani
Arrow secondary pilot [FI] Tarja Gallen
Arrow relationships
Arrow friends Diavolt
Arrow rivals Omnicom

Arrow Role

Hyperion is a sports and luxury AG car manufacturer from Finland. They are known for taking a conservative design approach.

Arrow Ship Details

The Hyperion Ilmatar is a defensive all-round craft, sporting high shielding and good top speed at the expense of acceleration and weapon power.

Arrow AGL Performance

Hyperion goes into the 2159 AGL season as a veteran team, primarily competing to advertise their high-performance luxury cars. They maintain a mid-pack position due to the defensive focus of their Ilmatar, but the quality and professionalism of their work speaks for itself. However, rumors suggesting that Hyperion takes part in a behind-the-scenes alliance against Omnicom have been spreading.

Arrow History

Hyperion Automotive began their life in 2122, gradually growing by producing reliable and luxurious AG Cars. After gaining infamy for their aggressive and sometimes scandalous marketing stunts, Hyperion formed a racing division in 2141 following the announcement of the AGL. Since then, unconfirmed rumors have been circulating involving a secret alliance with Diavolt and Scorpio, but all accusations have been denied by the company.