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Arrow hyperion
Logo Hyperion.png
Ready To Reveal
Arrow details
Arrow full name Hyperion Automotive
Arrow location Tampere, Finland
Arrow founded 2122
Arrow years active 2144-Current
Arrow league AGL 2159
Arrow key people
Arrow active pilots [FI]Lotta Kajaani
[FI]Tarja Gallen
Arrow other people [FI]Hannes Jokinen[CEO]
Arrow ships
Arrow 2159 ships hyperion ilmatar
Arrow other ships hyperion vellamo

Arrow team description

Hyperion are a Finland based sports and luxury AG car manufacturer formed in 2122, with their racing division formed in 2141 in response to G-Tek's conception of the AGL. Their 2159 Ilmatar model focuses on defensive capabilities and sacrifices acceleration and firepower.

Arrow team overview

Renowned by connoisseurs for their top-notch craftmanship, hated by media execs for their advertisement stunts, Hyperion Automotive is a veteran AGL team with no particularly odd motifs, innocuously competing in the league to promote their line of high-performance, luxury craft designs.

Officially, that is.

Reports from behind the scenes tell a whole different story: a story of under-the-table deals with Diavolt to make their ILMATAR ship a perfect O-S2 hunter, of an ongoing investigation to expose Omnicom's shady dealings on their own platform, and even of some sort of secret League-wide pact to oppose Omnicom as a whole.

When asked, main pilot Lotta Kajaani always gives the camera a heartfelt laugh followed by a brief and informal "no comment" statement, all following allegations shut down by both Hyperion and Diavolt - meaning that for now, those rumors will remain rumors.

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