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Arrow g-tek
Logo G-Tek.png
The Only Way Is Up
Arrow basic info
Arrow full name Gravity Technologies
Arrow location Yokohama, Japan
Arrow founded 2116
Arrow ships g-tek r34
Arrow core people
Arrow founder Kenta Iwazaki, Tomoya Yamada
Arrow primary pilot [JP] Yuka Ishino
Arrow secondary pilot [JP] Ren Kozuki
Arrow relationships

Arrow Role

G-Tek is an R&D company specializing in anti-gravity technology. They manage and regulate the AGL.

Arrow Ship Details

Despite lacking in engine power, its above-average shielding and excellent agility makes G-Tek's R34 a well-balanced ship, ideal for unseasoned AGL pilots.

Arrow AGL Performance

While G-Tek remains a popular team due their role as an anti-gravity pioneer and their beloved pilots, they typically finish in the mid-pack.

Arrow History

Gravity Technologies (G-Tek) was established in 2116 by Tomoya Yamada and Kenta Iwazaki to pursue development of Anti-Gravity technology. G-Tek is the company that pioneered Anti-Gravity research, claiming the first patent on an AG device in the 2119. In 2125, they established a subsidiary called G-Tek Nexus for European operations. G-Tek formed a racing division in 2139 to help them draw public attention to Anti-Gravity technology. A year later, they would establish the Anti-Gravity league. After the establishment of the sport, G-Tek Nexus was made into an independent entity and renamed to Nexus International. In the early 2150s, G-Tek cooperated with Diavolt and AGOS to introduce and standardize combat into AGL races. Following the discovery that Caliburn was using an outlawed stabilization technology in their ships, G-Tek banned them from the professional leagues until their ship entry complied with AGL regulations.