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Arrow diavolt
Logo Diavolt.png
Always On Target
Arrow basic info
Arrow full name Diavolt Engineering
Arrow location Moscow, Russia
Arrow founded 2041
Arrow ships diavolt di-500
Arrow core people
Arrow founder
Arrow primary pilot [RU] Nikolai Sokolov
Arrow secondary pilot [RU] Aleksei Makarov
Arrow relationships
Arrow friends Scorpio
Arrow rivals Omnicom

Arrow Role

Diavolt are a Russian arms and vehicle manufacturer that began competing in the AGL after they were contracted to supply weapon systems to the league.

Arrow Ship Details

The Diavolt Di-500 is a very heavy, very powerful juggernaut of a ship with the most effective shielding and weapons systems in the AGL. The Di-500’s power and weight also cause it to have a very high maximum speed but very sluggish turning and acceleration.

Arrow AGL Performance

The kill tallies of Diavolt’s pilots speak for themselves. Their aggressive approach to racing, while it has made them numerous enemies on the track and among fans, allows them to compete with the fastest teams on the grid by simply destroying anyone in the way.

Arrow History

Founded in 2041, Diavolt Engineering grew to become one of the world’s largest producers of military equipment after they secured generous funding from the Russian government. In 2144, they were contracted alongside AGOS to provide weapon systems for the AGL. With orders for their military products decreasing in the new era of world peace, Diavolt also decided to form a racing team and compete in the AGL themselves. In 2157, Omnicom falsely accused Diavolt of activating one of their military grade Seismic Emitters at the Nova Park circuit, causing severe damage to the surrounding area. Unable to defend themselves in the media due to Omnicom’s censorship, Diavolt opted to single them out on the track in perhaps the AGL’s most aggressive rivalry to date.