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Arrow diavolt
Logo Diavolt.png
Always On Target
Arrow details
Arrow full name Diavolt Engineering
Arrow location Moscow, Russia
Arrow founded 2041
Arrow years active 2144-Current
Arrow league AGL 2159
Arrow key people
Arrow active pilots [RU]Nikolai Sokolov
[RU]Aleksei Makarov
Arrow other people [RU]Luka Yerokhin[CEO]
[RU]Matvei Vasilyev
Arrow ships
Arrow 2159 ships diavolt di-500
Arrow other ships diavolt di-400

Arrow team description

Diavolt are a Russian arms and vehicle manufacturer. Formed in 2041 they work on military technology, providing some of their tech for the AGL. Their Di-500 model focuses on weapon strength, sacrificing agility.

Arrow team overview

A Russian arms manufacturer well-versed in a wide range of death-dealing appliances, Diavolt Engineering turned to AG racing to make up for the loss in profits caused by these times of relative peace.

Initially contracted by G-Tek to supply the AGL with specifically designed munitions and weapon systems, the Khimki-based firm actually went the extra mile of entering the competition as a team, using the chaos of BNG-spec races as a chance to promote the full extent of their capabilities.

Often portrayed as "warmongering brutes" by the less-than-kind Omnicom-backed media, their pilots' particularly brash attitude on (and sometimes off) the track doesn't help their case, making them generally unpopular with the broader public. That and their supposed involvement in the Nova Split Incident, often slammed by the media as a full-fledged terror attack on the United States as a whole.

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