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Arrow caliburn
Logo Caliburn.png
Race Me!
Arrow basic info
Arrow full name Caliburn Brasil
Arrow location São Paulo, Brazil
Arrow founded 2134
Arrow ships caliburn cr-1
Arrow core people
Arrow founder Renato Cardoso
Arrow primary pilot [BR]Andre Rafael
Arrow secondary pilot [BR]Gabi Varela
Arrow relationships
Arrow friends Tenrai
Arrow rivals G-tek

Arrow Role

Caliburn is a Brazilian racing team formed in 2134. They were a mainstay in the AGL until their cr-1 was banned for using an illegal stabilization system.

Arrow Ship Details

The Caliburn cr-1 is the most maneuverable craft ever built for AGL competition. It is average by every other statistic, but its incredibly responsive handling more than makes up for its shortcomings.

Arrow AGL Performance

After their disqualification from the 2159 AGL season and their unsuccessful attempt to create a one-make league for the cr-1, Caliburn must choose to either develop a ship that complies with the rules, or leave AGL competition entirely.

Arrow History

Caliburn Racing Group was established in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2134 by Renato Cardoso. Through the 2130’s, Caliburn served as Brazil’s premier constructor of racecraft and organizer of amateur AG Races. After the announcement of the AGL in 2141, they rebranded to Caliburn Brazil and began work on a professional team with funding from the Brazilian government. They entered AGL competition in 2144 with an agility-focused attitude. They achieved strong results in their early years in the AGL, and their aversion to weapons in racing led them to form an unofficial alliance with Tenrai. In 2158, an investigation revealed that Caliburn was using a banned stabilization system to achieve the unmatched agility of the cr-1. They were disqualified until they could make a ship that complies with the rules. After their attempt to make a one-make series for the cr-1 failed, Caliburn was left with nowhere to race their ship. The team is now faced with the choice of either making a rule-compliant ship or leaving the professional leagues.