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Arrow barracuda
Logo Barracuda.png
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Arrow basic info
Arrow full name Barracuda Corporation
Arrow location Busan, South Korea
Arrow founded 2097
Arrow ships barracuda model a
barracuda model b
barracuda model c
barracuda model s
barracuda model 0
Arrow core people
Arrow founder Unknown
Arrow primary pilot N/A
Arrow secondary pilot N/A
Arrow relationships
Arrow friends None
Arrow rivals G-tek

Arrow Role

Barracuda is a Korean industry giant established in 2097. They decimated the AGL with their Model A in 2154 and now run their own leagues for their Model A, B and C craft alongside the AGL.

Arrow Ship Details

The Barracuda Model A was designed to be the perfect AG Racer. It is incredibly fast and its handling is immaculate, but it has no weapon systems.

The Barracuda Model B is the ship used in Drag events. Its modified space shuttle engine allows it to reach speeds in excess of 1.5 Mach with relative ease.

The Barracuda Model C is an experimental prototype designed to test whether an AG-Drift series would be viable.

The Barracuda Model 0 is the first ship entered by Barracuda into the AGL, and the only ship they have made that complies with the current AGL ruleset. It performs above average in all areas at the expense of its weapon technology.

The Barracuda Model S is the ship used in the AGL’s Survival simulation events. It performs similarly to the Model A, with very good speed and handling but no weapon systems.

Arrow AGL Performance

Though they don't compete in the 2159 AGL officially, Barracuda maintains a presence in the racing scene with their Model A and Model B leagues. Rumours are spreading suggesting that they may be entering their Model 0 into future AGL events, but this hasn’t been confirmed by the company.

Arrow History

Founded in 2097, the Barracuda Corporation is by far Korea’s largest company, controlling almost every industrial application in the country. In 2154, they were suddenly added to the AGL roster with the Barracuda Model A, an immaculate ship that was developed in secret over the previous 5 years. The Model A sacrificed weapon systems for perfect performance in every other area, allowing Barracuda to win every race in the 2154 season until a rule change prevented them from entering such a powerful ship into AGL events. Unable to compete in standard AGL races, the Model A is now used in a one-make series that runs alongside the AGL.