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Ballistic Unity Tools is a suite of tools integrated into Unity which allow you to prepare tracks exported from the Layout Creator for use in the game. As the tools are integrated into Unity, you will need a copy of Unity installed to use them. The game runs on Unity 2017.2.1. Do not use Unity 2017.3 or above! DirectX9 was removed which will prevent shader swapping from functioning.

Arrow Getting started


To install the tools you need to import the package. Once you have Unity installed and a new project open go to the toolbar at the top of the window and then navigate to Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package. After this, navigate to your game's install folder and open BallisticUnityTools.unitypackage from the modding folder.

Important information

Custom tracks cannot contain custom scripts. Custom tracks are compiled as Unity asset bundles (which do not allow scripts to be built into them). It is possible to save scripts into an assembly and load the scripts from that assembly, but components attached to game objects have asset references serialized, which means loading the required script from an assembly will not result in Unity knowing that the script is actually loaded and usable.

Because of this, it is a goal to over time keep adding new behaviours that people can use. If you have a behaviour you'd like to see implemented, let Vonsnake know!

Arrow Essential functionality

Essential functionality that must be understood to create a playable track.

It is recommended to read the pages below in-order.

Arrow Unity User Interface

Getting familiar with the Unity interface.

Arrow Importing a track into Unity

Getting a track from the BNG Track Editor, into Unity.

Arrow Track Wizard

Generating track data.

Arrow Track Editor: intro

Start enhancing a track.

Arrow Track Editor: tiles

Enhancing a track by marking tiles.

Arrow Track Editor: atlas

Enhancing a track by adding textures.

Arrow Unity Tools Lightmapper

How to use the lightmapper, BallisticNG's proprietary lightmapping tool required for lighting your track.

Arrow Unity Tools Export

Information on how to export your track from Unity ready to be used in-game.

Arrow Supplemental functionality

Supplemental functionality that enhances track quality.

Unlike the essential functionality documentation, this information is non-sequential.

This means that each page:

  • Is optional reading
  • Can be read in any order
  • Can be read on-demand, whenever you become curious on how to achieve something new
  • Delves into a topic that doesn't need to be understood, in order to understand the next documentation page

Arrow Track Editor: sections

Enhancing a track by configuring sections.

Arrow Unity Lighting

Manipulating light on a track.

Arrow Asset Configuration

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Information on import information you should/need to change for different assets to work with the game.

Arrow Unity Tools Scene Configuration

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How to begin setting up your track, an overview of how the scene is configured once you use the Track Wizard and links to the various scripts that can be used throughout your track.

Arrow Unity Tools Racing Line Editor

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How to use the racing line editor, a tool allowing you to define different offsets along the track that AI can follow.

Arrow Unity Tools Trigger System

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Information on what the trigger system is and how to utilize scripts inside of it.

Arrow Unity Tools Animation System

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Information on what the animation system is and how to utilize scripts inside of it.

Arrow Unity Tools Flare Tools

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Information on how to configure your scene to occlude flares.

Arrow Unity Tools TRM Editor

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How to use the TRM Editor, a tool which lets you convert any mesh into a TRM formatted mesh.

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