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Ballistic Negative Gravity, or BallisticNG, is the term for combat racing within the Anti-Gravity League. Events that involve weapon-equipped ships are known as BNG-Spec events, as opposed to Pure events for events that forbid the use of weapons.

The BallisticNG Initiative was started jointly by G-Tek and Diavolt along with assistance from Serpen and AGOS in 2149 in an effort to elevate the AGL to a new level of entertainment. Kenta Iwazaki and Luka Yerokhin worked closely along with their top engineers to conceptualise the implementation and technologies for such a drastic change. The transformation of the AGL was swift, and with the exception of delaying the adoption of the Halberd speed class as the standard racing speed due to safety concerns and some discontent with the move from racing purists, it was smooth as well. By the year 2152, the AGL was officially a combat racing sport, and every participating team had refreshed their now-aging platform of ships in use since 2144 to accommodate for the inclusion of military-grade weapons systems and shielding. Today, while there are some vocal critics of BNG-Spec races and the AGL's decision to forever alter mainstream motorsport, the results are conclusive as a resounding success. With the raised stakes and a new level of intensity to be found, AGL AG racing found itself as the world's single most popular sport in just four years since the introduction.