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  • This page explains utilities to support animated textures.
  • If you are looking for instructions on 3D Model animation, it is outside the scope of this documentation. Please refer to your 3D Modelling program's documentation instead.
  • For anything listed below that references textures, the default texture names for BallisticNG material textures are "_MainTex" for diffuse maps and "_Illum" for illumination maps.

UV Scroller[edit | edit source]

The UV scroller allows you to scroll UVs across both axis separately on a number of defined mesh renderer materials. For each material you can define which textures you would like to scroll. The Material Indicies array allows you to specify which materials you would like to affect.

"Scroll Speed" is how fast on each axes you want to scroll the UV.

"Start Offset" is the offset that the UVs should start at when the track is loaded.