AGL 2144

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The Anti-Gravity League 2144 Season, also known as AGL 2144, is the first season of the Anti-Gravity League. Largely considered an exciting test of the potential of AG racing, it would prove to be the way forward by its conclusion. While far more primitive than what spectators expect today due to its "safe" speeds and lack of the weapons that defined the AGL starting in 2152, it was a massive leap forward from the early, unrefined AG racing league attempts that preceded it.

Participating Teams:

  • Gravity Technologies (G-Tek R33)
  • Nexus International (Nexus NTI-2)
  • Wyvern Incorporated (Wyvern Mk.I)
  • Caliburn Brasil (Caliburn BR-0)
  • Tenrai Racing Developments (Tenrai T1)
  • Omnicom Technologies (Omnicom Series 1)
  • Diavolt Engineering (Diavolt DI-400)
  • Hyperion Automotive (Hyperion VELLAMO)


  • Cassandra
  • Harpstone
  • Aciknovae
  • Ishtar Citadel
  • Omega Harbour
  • Luna